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Our cybersecurity experts are ready to provide an in-depth audit of your critical infostructure security, assuring real time response to the whole range of threats you're facing while also recovering detailed cybercrime data for further digital forensics analyses.

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The Global Think-Tank For Information Security

Risktronics is a cybersecurity think-tank based in Cluj, Romania.

We provide strategic solutions that can help your organization identify, quantify, and manage the risk associated with information assets. We can provide a wide range of penetration testing services. We also use Agile methodology with a focus on DevSecOps to address the full range of infrastructure needs for our customers. No matter what size company and location the customer is in. For further information or requests, please contact us using the contact email address at the bottom of this page. Funded by the Romanian Government through StartUp Nation 2017 Program. Member of ClujIT Cluster.

Our Services

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Our infrastructure services include: Network Penetration Testing (external/internal/hybrid). Web Application Penetration Testing & Architecture Auditing. Wireless Network Penetration Testing. Mobile Penetration Testing. Physical Security Testing. Stress Testing (DDoS). Social Engineering.

Red Team Attack Simulations

We can simulate the same tactics adversaries will hope to use on your environment. Known as TTP (Tactics, Techniques & Procedures). This is the most effective way to see flaws that might exist in your company. Our professional team will be able to help create a suitable simulation for your company based on requirements you need to meet. We will execute this plan to see what your organization’s assumptions are and then use this information to detect faulty logic or flawed security.

Automated Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessment service provides a snapshot of the current status of your security and identifies any major issues. It is not a manual penetration test, but it will provide quick and easy to understand information to your security team or management team. These automated tests are conducted using approved scanning software. Our vulnerability assessment will be able to test a cross section of your IT infrastructure. Vulnerability assessments can indicate whether you require a further evaluation of your security mechanisms.

Vulnerability Research

Vulnerability Research is best defined as the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts about how susceptible something is to attack or harm. In IT Security, Vulnerability Research often involves but is not limited to advanced source code reviews, reverse engineering, exploit development, etc. As vulnerabilities are identified methods for remediation can be created and implemented thus eliminating the vulnerabilities.

Digital/Cyber Forensics

When it comes to ensuring top-notch cyber security for your organization, we assure the delivery of the high-end digital forensics services under the CSIRT domain. We have a special team of experts which specializes in the extraction, analysis, and presentation of the data across all computer systems and networks. Our team of digital forensic experts has extensive experience across a wide range of civil disputes and criminal cases with respect to the cyber security of different organizations. Risktronics makes use of legally approved and tested methods for collecting, preserving, assessing, analyzing, and presenting information that is found across all computer systems and interconnected networks.

Incident Response

Our high-end incident response services aid you in managing, preparing, and recovering from potential network attacks or data infringement cases. Our highly qualified and experienced team of Incident Response experts makes use of the latest threat intelligence concepts along with the trending security technology for responding to attacks in your organization. Our team of experts is also aimed at reducing the overall exposure to threat and damages caused by the same. Through our professional incident response security services, you can achieve high-level threat intelligence to detect even the strongest threat. Our senior-level experts have an expertise in offering interactive responses to incidents across a wide range of industries. We help you recover your systems or to investigate crimes like host compromised, BEC and CEO scams, phishing attacks, etc. With our expert emergency services, our cyber security incident responders can serve you as you need them.

Our Certifications and Skills

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor - CISA

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional - OSCP

  • GIAC Cyber Threat Intelligence - GCTI

  • GIAC Certified Incident Handler - GCIH

  • GIAC Continuous Monitoring Certification - GMON

  • Certified Bitcoin Professional - CBP

  • GIAC Security Operations Manager - GSOM

Some of Our Clients

Electric Castle
Blade Solutions
Sibiu City Hall
BitHead Technology
Sim Soft
Glas AI

Our Leadership Team

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Team Member

Remus Munteanu


Cluj, Romania

Team Member

Eli Moshik


Tel-Aviv, Israel

Team Member

Stephen Chavez


Colorado, U.S.A.

Team Member

Liviana Nicolau

Chief Financial Officer

Cluj, Romania

Team Member

Stas Sushkov

CSSE - Chief Software Security Engineer

Lisbon, Portugal

Team Member

Flaviu Cernescu

Head, Physical Security Testing

Cluj, Romania

Team Member

Fernando Klabin

VP Sales

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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